September 15, 2019

When Should You Schedule a Home Energy Audit?

A home energy audit is a detailed inspection designed to assess energy performance. After the assessment, you will know where you?re wasting power and what steps you can take to make your home more efficient.

Experts recommend that homes undergo energy assessments on a regular basis, but how often is that? When does it make sense to schedule an audit?

At GreenHome Specialties, professional home energy audits are free, and many people opt to schedule assessments every two to three years. That said, in certain scenarios, homeowners can benefit by scheduling an audit sooner.

Circumstances that Call For a Home Energy Audit

As a general rule, you should schedule an audit anytime there?s a significant change with your home. To be more specific, undergoing an energy assessment is a good idea if you:

  • Are building a home addition, such as a sunroom or bonus room
  • Plan to install new insulation, windows or HVAC equipment
  • Have decided to switch your home to solar power
  • See your electric bills are rising, and you can?t pinpoint the reason
  • Notice inconsistent room temperatures and drafty areas
  • Spot condensation on your walls or window panes

In addition, you may want to schedule an energy assessment before purchasing a new house. That way, you?ll know ahead of time how energy efficient the property is and if it will require any major upgrades.

Likewise, if you are getting ready to put your property on the market, scheduling an audit is a good idea. Real estate listings often include home energy scores, and if your property is highly efficient, you may find a buyer much more quickly.

How Much Does a Home Energy Assessment Cost?

Some certified auditors ? including the team at GreenHome Specialties ? offer professional home assessments at no cost. The room-by-room inspection is quite thorough and effectively identifies areas of wasted power.

As an additional step, auditors may recommend blower door testing. The test, which determines how much air is leaking from your home and where the leaks are located, has a fee. However, the extra cost is minimal, particularly when you consider the potential savings you can achieve by making your property more energy efficient.

Schedule a Home Energy Audit with GreenHome Specialties

With GreenHome Specialties, you can get a room-by-room energy assessment for free, and our blower door testing comes at a low price. What?s more, the test fee counts toward any efficiency upgrade or renovation project our team completes. As a result, you may be able to complete some home improvements for a very low cost.

The certified auditors at GreenHome Specialties, serving northern Utah, southern Idaho and Wyoming, have extensive experience helping homeowners boost their energy efficiency. And our team of contractors specializes in making cost-effective home improvements.

If you?re ready to schedule a home energy audit, contact GreenHome Specialties in Provo or Layton, Utah, today.

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