Energy-Efficient Windows

Save money by installing windows that reduce heating and cooling bills.

Energy-Efficient Windows in Utah

Are you considering new energy-efficient windows? GreenHome Specialties provides free home energy audits to identify areas in the home where air leaks are occurring. We can recommend different changes you can do to ensure your home is airtight and will help to reduce your home’s energy consumption.

Audit Report for Window Leaks

GreenHome Specialties will check the windows and doors and other areas in the home with our free home audit. Even windows that are double-paned can still be the source of air leaks due to cracks in the window frame or loose or old caulking. Caulking on the inside and outside of the windows will help to reduce the risk of air leaks. We use certified tools to apply clear caulking around the windows, maintaining a clean, crisp look to the interior and exterior of your home.

Window Film and Energy Consumption

A great way to reduce your energy bill quickly is to use window film. Our window film coverings will reduce the amount of heat that comes into the home from the windows. We have several styles of low-emissivity film that can be added to the windows in your home. This film will prevent the sun’s rays from increasing the heat in the home in the summer, and it helps to reduce wear on the furniture in the home.
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