Home Insulation Services in Provo

Home insulation services are important in Provo, Utah

Where the winters are frigid and the summers are blistering hot. The convenience of modern HVAC cannot be understated in a climate like ours. However, it does come at a cost. Whether that cost is in the form of electric, gas or oil bills, the bottom line is that you want to pay the least amount possible to remain comfortable in your home. GreenHome Specialties can help. Our insulation company serves homes and businesses throughout the Provo area, making your spaces more energy-efficient and saving you money.


Types of Insulation

Many homeowners are familiar with pink rolls of fiberglass batting insulation, but that’s not the only kind of home insulation we use. For instance, for Provo homes that have been built with no insulation, we may use blow-in insulation made of cellulose fibers or foam injection insulation. Both of these methods of insulation have high R-values and are easily blown into existing cavities such as walls or attics.

Another type of insulation we use is spray foam insulation. This method of insulating is perfect for buildings under construction, basements, attics, barns, garages or sheds and works well with metal or wood.

Eco-Friendly Insulation

Some homeowners wonder what our insulation is made of and whether it is harmful or toxic to humans or pets. Here at GreenHome Specialties, we only use eco-friendly insulation. That means no VOCs or other dangerous compounds.

Because insulation services seal the cracks in your home, the last thing you want is to be in an airtight space with a substance giving off noxious gases.

Air Duct Sealing Services

When people think of home insulation, they often think of insulating the walls, ceilings and floors. To be sure, this is critically important, but our insulation company wants you to remember that your air ducts can be a source of heat loss as well.

Over time, the pressure of forced hot or cool air in your home breaks down the seals in your ductwork, allowing the air to escape into unheated areas, wasting energy and money. With our duct sealing services, you can achieve better energy efficiency.

Provo’s Best Insulation Services

A well-insulated home is not just a money-saver, but it also helps keep your family healthier, because there are no gaps allowing outside air in, filled with pollen, dust and microbes. Once you get insulation services, all you will have to do in order to keep the air in your home clean and fresh is to change the air filter in your HVAC regularly.

Whether your home has no insulation or old insulation, you can be sure it’s leaking heat every time your furnace kicks on. With prices of everything on the rise today — especially fuel — you do not want to be paying to heat the outdoors.

Call our insulation company today to schedule an energy audit and find out where your home is losing treated air. When you schedule home insulation services, you may even be eligible for a rebate from your local power company. Call now.
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