Air Duct Sealing Your Utah Home

Sealing your air ducts is a great way to reduce loss of heat or air conditioning.

What is Duct Sealing?

If your home has forced heating and cooling, the ducts are used to help move the air throughout the home. A great deal of air that is pushed through the ducts can end up leaking outside the duct due to holes, leaks, and issues with the connection of the ducts. GreenHome Specialities provides duct sealing services to reduce the amount of air that is lost when it is pushed through the ductwork.

Do I need Duct Sealing for My Home?

There are several signs that show you are dealing with problems related to the ducts of your home. If you noticed your heating and cooling bills are higher, problems with your ducts could be to blame. Other ways to tell you are dealing with duct problems is related to problems heating and cooling all the rooms in your home.

How to Improve Duct Performance in Utah

Inspect the return air vents of your home. Do you notice if there is a lot of dust around them? Dust is a sign that shows you the ducts need to be cleaned. Some homeowners try to clean the air ducts on their own, which can often end up leading to a number of issues. Several ducts have problems as the issues are related to problems in the way the ducts have been bonded together. Correct sealant is important to use as it can lead to additional problems in the way that the air flows through the ductwork.
At Green Home Specialities, we focus on providing the best duct sealing methods possible. Contact us today for more information on how to reduce your homes heating and cooling costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is duct sealing service?

When GreenHome Specialties provides duct sealing services, we use a foam to seal leaks in your air ducts and in spaces around the ducts that vent air to the outside. When it hardens, it provides a strong barrier that treated air will not penetrate.

Can I use duct tape for duct sealing in my home?

Despite this product’s name, you cannot seal your air ducts with duct tape. The tape you use must be resistant to heat. You can use special foil-backed tape for duct sealing, but this is a temporary solution that does not last long.

Is duct sealing worth it?

Estimates show that you can save 15%-20% on your heating and cooling bills with an air duct sealing service. Additionally, Rocky Mountain Power offers a rebate to homeowners who get an air duct sealing service, which just adds to your savings.

How can you tell if you have a leaky duct?

One way to test your air ducts before calling for an air duct sealing service is to light a stick of incense and hold it at various points along your ductwork. If the air ducts are leaking, it will blow the smoke away from the duct. You can use this method to test the strength of the airflow coming from the vents in individual rooms as well. If some rooms are harder to heat or cool than others, it may be due to leaky ducts.

How long do HVAC ducts last?

HVAC ducts in older homes are good for about 10-15 years. After that, they should be replaced before they degrade further. Air duct sealing service is not a good investment for very old air ducts.

Can old ductwork make you sick?

The issue with old ductwork is that it is much leakier than new ductwork. Not only does this mean your treated air escapes into attics, basements and walls, but it also means that the air in these spaces can enter your ductwork, making the air in your home dirtier. Additionally, if the cracks are big enough, bugs and even mice can get into them. Microscopic bug particles can aggravate asthma, and mouse droppings carry hantavirus, which can be fatal. Additionally, air ducts that leak cool air into warm spaces can spur mold growth. The forced air then blows mold spores into your home, which can cause cold and flu-like symptoms. If your ductwork is less than 10 years old, getting air duct sealing service can prevent these problems.

Should I insulate my air ducts?

Insulating air ducts in unheated spaces can help keep your energy bills lower. As part of our home insulation services, we can insulate air ducts in the attic, basement or crawl space with reflective foil, helping to keep the warm and cool air inside the ducts.
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