Attic Insulation for Utah Homes

Properly insulating your attic is one of the easiest and more affordable ways to reduce the amount of heat escaping in your Utah home. 

We offer spray foam insulation in the following Utah communities:

  • Cache County
  • Davis County
  • Juab County
  • Salt Lake County
  • Tooele County
  • Utah County
  • Weber County
  • Wasatch County

We also serve communities in Eastern Idaho!

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Do I need more attic insulation? 

Once your home has been air sealed, it is a good time to consider adding more insulation. Homes that are 3 years old can easily have insulation problems. Older homes tend to have more insulation issues based on the amount of time the insulation has had to settle. The attic is the easiest place to add insulation, but there are other areas of the home that need insulation added to reduce heating and cooling costs. Take a look across the attic to see the insulation level. If the insulation is level with the floor joists, or it is below the floor joists, it is time to add more.

Utah Attic Insulation Needs

Insulation needs to be evenly distributed throughout the attic so you do not have high and low areas. We can use several methods to install insulation into your home from blow-in insulation to blanket insulation. For more information about attic insulation, call us today!
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Frequently Asked Questions

I already have attic insulation — do I need to replace it?

If your home is old, your attic insulation has likely settled and is not doing as good of a job as it could. Consequently, your home is losing energy through your attic. This is not only expensive, but can be uncomfortable too, as the rooms on your second floor will be colder or warmer (depending on the season) than the rooms on your main floor. Additionally, if your home has ever suffered any roof leaks which allowed your attic insulation to get wet, this significantly reduces its ability to keep in treated air. The best course of action may be to get insulation removal services, then get new attic insulation. Alternatively, depending on the condition of your attic insulation, we may install new insulation over the old, more than doubling your protection against heat and air conditioning losses in your home.

How much can I save with attic insulation services?

According to, sealing leaks and adding attic insulation can save Utah homeowners 15% to 20% on their energy bills. They add that this savings can be increased further by adding insulation around windows, doors and between homes and garages. Our insulation company uses fiberglass, cellulose (batts or blown-in), foam injection insulation and spray foam insulation in Utah homes.

Is it expensive to get attic insulation?

The cost of your attic insulation services depends partially on the scope of the job. If our attic insulation company has easy access to your attic and you do not need insulation removal services, we can simply roll the batts into place and secure them. If there is no attic access, we may instead use blown-in insulation, which can sometimes be more expensive than roll-in insulation. However, local energy companies serving Utah offer rebates for installing attic insulation that help with the cost.

Which is better for attics — blow-in insulation or roll-in?

Both types of attic insulation services offer about the same protection to Utah homes. Different types of insulation are assigned different R-values, which is a rating that expresses how much the insulation reduces heat flow. In order to get available rebates from energy companies, your insulation must be equal to a particular R-value, so our insulation company ensures that these values are met. With blown-in insulation, this can mean thicker and deeper piles.

Can I get eco-friendly attic insulation?

At GreenHome Specialties, we use only eco-friendly insulation in Utah homes. Some of our insulation is made of recycled materials such as newspapers, plant fibers and wool. Our fiberglass insulation contains recycled glass and sand. We even use eco-friendly foam injection insulation. Our goal is to save you money by reducing your energy consumption in the most environmentally friendly way possible — that is why our company is called GreenHome Specialties.
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