May 3, 2019

Top 6 Reasons to Schedule a Professional Home Energy Audit

Now?s the perfect time to schedule a professional home energy audit. An expert assessment of your house and your family?s electricity use is the first step toward creating a more energy-efficient home.

A professional home energy audit with the certified analysts at GreenHome Specialties is free. For some, this is enough motivation to make an appointment ? but if you?re still on the fence, consider the following reasons to schedule an assessment.

No. 1: Reduce Your Home Energy Costs

A professional assessment can identify air leaks, insulation inadequacies and areas where you?re wasting power. Resolving these issues can bring down your heating and cooling costs by quite a bit ? according to the U.S. Department of Energy, you can save up to 30 percent on your monthly bills.

No. 2: Improve Your Home Comfort

Making your home more energy-efficient can help keep your family more comfortable. If you currently have drafty windows, sweltering rooms and chilly areas, scheduling a professional energy audit is a smart way to make your house a more pleasant place to live.

No. 3: Enjoy Better Indoor Air Quality

A professional audit can also help your family breathe a little easier. You may need better air circulation or increased ventilation, or your house may have other air flow problems. A certified analyst can spot these issues and suggest ways to get fresher, cleaner air throughout your home.

No. 4: Decrease Your Carbon Footprint

If you like the idea of helping the environment, getting a professional home performance assessment is a great place to start. By improving your energy efficiency, you?ll use less electricity, thereby reducing your personal impact on the Earth?s atmosphere.

No. 5: Extend the Life of Your HVAC System

The less efficient your home heating and cooling system, the harder it has to work. And when you continually stress your HVAC system, you shorten its lifespan. A professional energy auditor can recommend effective ways to ensure keep yours running like new for years to come.

No. 6: Increase Your Home Value

Many online real estate portals include home energy scores in their property listings, and buyers prefer to purchase homes that are highly efficient. Because of this, any improvements you make can increase the resale value of your home and help you find a buyer more quickly.

Have we convinced you to schedule a professional home energy audit? As we mentioned, an expert assessment with the certified analysts at GreenHome Specialties comes at no cost.

We also offer a more complex room-by-room home performance assessment for an affordable price. And, the fee counts toward any energy improvements the GreenHome Specialties team makes ? which means some projects can be done for a surprisingly low cost.

If you live in northern Utah, southern Idaho or Wyoming and you?re ready to schedule a professional home energy audit, contact GreenHome Specialties today.

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