Window Films

Decorative & Functional Window Films in Utah

Installing window films in your home is a great way to protect your furniture in a bright room, and also helps to preserve energy costs, as well. Window films will aid in reducing your heating and cooling costs by preventing the sun’s rays from coming into the room and increasing or decreasing?the room temperatures. Window films?also come in a variety of different styles, which making it perfect for individuals needing reflective film for additional privacy. We have several decorative and functional window film options available to chose from to enhance every?single?room in your home!

How Window Films Work

Window films are made from a self-adhesive polyester film that attaches to glass surfaces. The high-quality, optically clear polyester film uses a special adhesive to create a solid bond with the window. One side of the film is scratch resistant with adhesive while the other side has a protective liner. The protective layer is removed when we adhere the film to the window. Based on your needs, the film can come in a variety of thicknesses for safety and solar usages. Non-reflective or dyed films absorb solar energy while the reflective or metallized films not only absorb the solar energy, but reflect it as well.
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