Utah Insulation Rebate Program

Utah Insulation Rebates

To reduce the cost of insulation expenses, there are several Utah insulation rebate programs. The programs are available for Southern Idaho and Wyoming residents as well. The program is designed to help people add insulation to their home, which can reduce the cost of insulation. While the majority of people have heard of the rebates from Rocky Mountain Power & Questar Gas, there are several other public utilities and government agencies that provide insulation rebates.

Does Your Home Need Insulation?

The standard home that is five or more years old is under-insulated. Our program will bring your insulation level back up to where it needs to be to keep your home properly cooled and heated. Insulation also provides a reduction in excess ?heating and cooling costs as the homes will stay warmer or cooler longer, reducing the need to consistently heat and cool the home. When homeowners can save an average of 20% to 40% on monthly utility bills.

Can I have my home insulated for a low cost?

Thanks to the effective insulation programs, the majority of homeowners are capable of qualifying for rebate programs, making it easier to lower the cost of installing new insulation.

To learn more about insulation rebate programs, contact Green Home Specialities today!


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