March 17, 2020

Duct Sealing 101: How Quality Duct Sealing Can Save You Money

According to EnergyStar, inadequate duct sealing is the cause of?up to 30 percent?loss of your HVAC's air output that is meant to be heating or cooling your home. Inefficient ducts?make your system work much harder to get your rooms to your desired temperature.

Over time, ductwork can begin to leak, develop holes and even become detached allowing air to escape the system. It's possible you are cooling or heating areas in your home that do not need it, such as in your?attic or your roof's rafters.

Having your ducts sealed with mastic sealant or metal tape and adding insulation can help improve the efficiency and cost of running your HVAC system. Much of the ductwork is not easily accessible, however, so hiring a professional is recommended.

Below are the benefits of making sure your ducts are in good working order.

A More Comfortable Home

Inadequately sealed ducts can be the cause of rooms that never seem to stay as warm or as cool as you would like them to be. The air in these rooms can also feel stuffy.

Your HVAC pushing air through your house properly will get these rooms to their proper temperature sooner and keep the temperature consistent. The continual flow of air will also negate the feeling of stuffiness.

Lower Energy Bills

The Department of Energy reports that poorly sealed ducts can?increase your energy bill.?Having a home energy audit performed on your home can help you find additional ways to?save even more?on your monthly utility bills.

Lower Environmental Impact

In 2018, the U.S. Energy Information Administration reported that space heating and air conditioning account for the top three ways U.S. homes use energy. Space heating and water heating were the top two and accounted for?two-thirds of the energy?used, with air conditioning coming in third. Making homes more efficient in these areas, including loss from inadequate ductwork, can help lower the environmental impact used by these services.

Less Wear and Tear on HVAC System

When conditioned air gets loose from your heating and cooling system, your system can get overloaded trying to make up for the loss causing unnecessary wear and tear. Negative pressure builds up and can cause filters and coils to become clogged.

Quieter HVAC System

Leaky and faulty ductwork can cause a hissing or?whistling sound as air moves through and out of?your ductwork. Maintaining your ducts and having them professionally cleaned as well as sealed properly can make your system run much quieter.

Schedule Your Duct Sealing Today

Schedule an appointment to have duct sealing completed on your home to start seeing and feeling the benefits every day. Your home will be more comfortable, you will save money, and your HVAC system will be less stressed.

Contact us?to set up an appointment to get your ducts sealed so you can start saving money on your next utility bill.

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