January 24, 2018

Energy Efficiency Upgrades Help Boost Solar Savings

Energy efficiency upgrades and solar power go together like Batman and Robin, or peanut butter and jelly.

Sure, either of these energy- and cost-saving home upgrades will help you reduce your?power consumption but, together, they can help you put a sizeable dent in your carbon footprint as well as your electric bill.


Clean, Renewable Solar Provides Many Benefits to Homeowners

The popularity of photovoltaic solar energy continues to grow, in the U.S. and around the world, as a way of generating free electricity using the power of the sun.

When you install a solar array, you instantly reduce your dependence on fossil fuel-burning grid electricity ? and its ever-rising cost. If you add battery back-up to your system, you can power your home this way during the evening and?even?on cloudy days.

Adding solar increases the value and salability of your home. And, with the many federal, state and local financial incentives available today, photovoltaic systems have become affordable for most Utah homeowners. In fact, you could reach the payback point within just a few years.

How Energy Efficiency Affects a Solar Power System

Assuming rooftop space and budget are no object, you can install a large enough photovoltaic array to meet all of your family?s power needs, without having to make any changes to your home or lifestyle.

But, if you make a few energy-efficient upgrades to your home, you can reduce the number of solar panels you need, cutting the cost of your system and expediting the payback period.

And, like solar, making energy-saving home upgrades also increases your home?s value. In fact, although most home improvement projects only return an average of 64 cents on the dollar when you sell your home, a recent?Remodeling magazine study?indicates that homeowners can recoup the full?value of green home improvements ? or potentially even make money.

Which Energy Efficiency Upgrades Are Right for You?

In the?Remodeling magazine study,?upgrading a home?s attic insulation provided a stunning 166 percent return on investment, in addition to cutting electricity use, improving the home?s comfort and creating a healthier interior environment. And, if?you?re thinking about making the move to solar, you can meet your energy needs with fewer PV panels.

You may also want to consider duct sealing as well as other air sealing measures around the home. Energy-efficient windows, spray foam insulation and radiant barrier insulation are all great ways to reduce your energy needs, as is garage door insulation.

Even better, these home improvements may qualify for one or more of the?Utah insulation rebates programs that are currently available.

In Northern Utah,?GreenHome Specialties?helps homeowners and businesses save energy and money. If you would like an idea of how much you can save, call us today to schedule a home energy audit, and to learn more about energy efficiency upgrades.

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