November 28, 2017

Can a Home Energy Audit Save You Money on Your Power Bills?

A home energy audit can potentially save you a significant percentage on your monthly power bills ? potentially up to 30 percent or more.

By identifying those areas where your home is wasting power, an audit can help you determine which energy-efficient home improvements could help you save money. Although you can perform your own audit, a professional auditor has specialized training, tools and equipment that few homeowners have.

What Is a Home Energy Audit?

You can think of this process as a detailed inspection and assessment of your home that are designed to identify any areas where you may be wasting power or using more than you might otherwise have to.

Some potential problems that this process can identify include leaky windows, insufficient insulation in walls and attic, lack of vapor barrier, HVAC problems (such as duct leaks), water heater and water pipes and inefficient appliances and electronics.

The results could recommend taking steps as simple as unplugging electronics when not in use or adding weatherstripping around your doors. Your audit may recommend using more efficient lighting fixtures and bulbs, adding insulation or ventilation, duct sealing or replacing old windows with modern, energy efficient models.

How Much Money Can a Home Energy Audit Save?

The average homeowner can save between five and 30 percent per year on their electricity bills if they act on the problems identified in a?home energy audit.

Some utility companies offer rebates on the cost of an audit and you may be able to apply for rebates, tax credits or other incentives on some efficient home improvements.

Granted, you may have to invest in some power-saving home improvements to realize this savings. However, you will likely increase the value and salability of your house by making these updates.

DIY vs. Professional Home Energy Audits

If you want to handle this task yourself, the U.S. Office of Energy Efficiency offers some helpful tips and step-by-step instructions for a?DIY?energy audit.

Unless you have some specialized equipment, however, you can only identify some potential sources of air loss, for example. That?s why recommends having a?professional?energy audit.?

For example, GreenHome Specialties conducts?blower door tests to identify those places where air is escaping your home. This

Our?Certified Energy Analysts have obtained certification from the?Building Performance Institute, whose certification programs are supported by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL).

GreenHome Specialties?provides a free basic professional audit to customers in Layton, Provo?and throughout Northern Utah. Call us today to schedule your Utah home energy audit.

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