May 28, 2019

Choosing a Contractor for Energy-Efficient Insulation Installation

Install energy-efficient insulation, and you?ll have a more comfortable home and lower heating and cooling costs. To see those benefits, however, you need to hire the right professional contractor. Choose the wrong person for the job, and you could face a number of problems ? and your insulation project could end up costing you, not saving you money.

To make sure your energy-efficient insulation installation pays off in a good way, consider the following when selecting a contractor.

Check Credentials

First of all, you need to make sure that the contractor you hire is qualified to install insulation. Only consider licensed and certified professionals who can provide proof of current insurance and who offer a warranty for their work. By doing so, you can protect yourself from costly problems down the road.

Contact References

Before hiring an insulation contractor, ask for a list of references. Then, go the extra mile and actually contact a few of the former customers to talk about their experiences. Did the insulation contractor arrive on time and complete the job in a professional manner? Did the project come in at or below their estimated cost? Are they satisfied with the insulation installation? Would they hire the same contractor again? Their answers can be instrumental in making your final decision.

Confirm Expertise

The contractor you hire should have a solid understanding of the different types of insulation, the various products available on the market and how they compare in energy-efficiency. In other words, they should have a good answer when you ask why they recommend a particular product over other insulation materials.

Consider Experience

Experience counts for quite a bit when choosing a contractor. Trusting your energy-efficient insulation installation to someone who?s new to the business is like asking for problems. Look for a professional with years of experience, preferably one who routinely works with the type of insulation you?re having installed.

As explore your options for local insulation contractors, start with GreenHome Specialties, a trusted expert in energy-efficient home improvements serving northern Utah, southern Idaho and Wyoming. Our professional team has the qualifications you need along with a combined 20 years of experience helping homeowners see significant savings on their energy bills.

Schedule a home energy audit, and our certified analysts will perform an in-depth performance assessment to identify the right insulation to boost your household efficiency and slash your heating and cooling costs. In addition, our team will determine if other home upgrades ? such as air duct sealing or installing energy-efficient windows ? can provide you with even bigger energy savings.

For more information on GreenHome Specialties, or to schedule a no-cost, no-obligation home energy audit and consultation to discuss energy-efficient insulation installation, contact our Provo or Layton, Utah, office today.

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