February 22, 2018

Add Window Film to Your Utah Home for Style & Energy-Efficiency

Did you know that today?s window film products are both decorative and functional, adding style, protection and energy-efficiency to your Utah home?

Unlike the inferior films you may have encountered in the past, these high-tech materials are engineered to mitigate solar heat transfer, improve the comfort and livability of your home and reduce your home?s energy consumption.

What?Are the Benefits of Window Film?

One of the most noticeable benefits of adding an energy-efficient film to your windows is an increased comfort level inside your home. This material helps block solar heat transfer from the sun?s rays, reducing the need for air conditioning. You?ll save money and enjoy a more consistent indoor temperature.

This material also helps mitigate the damage to your furnishings and flooring, which can be damaged by UV rays coming through the windows. Totally transparent in appearance, window film increases privacy without darkening your interior spaces.

Finally, this energy-efficient home upgrade is highly cost-effective and provides a high return on investment. Many customers report that their energy cost savings pays for this home improvement in as little as two years.

How?Does Window Film Work?

Unlike window tinting, which?does little else besides darken the appearance of the glass, film bonds to the glass. This creates a unique barrier against harmful UV rays from the sun.

When a certified energy-efficient home improvement contractor installs this professional-grade material, the result is a scratch-resistant coating that improves safety and reduces heat transfer.

You can choose from a variety of window film types and thicknesses, including reflective, non-reflective, metallicized and dyed finishes. You can also choose from the many decorative options, including graphic and mirror finishes.

Is Window Film Right for Your Utah Home?

If you?ve ever tried applying?a UV-filtering or privacy film purchased from the home improvement warehouse, you?might imagine that this material will bubble, ripple or start to peel away in a short time.

Professionally applied window film does none of those things. It won?t crack or peel and, in fact, you probably won?t even be able to tell it?s there.

GreenHome Specialties?offers this home improvement option, along with a variety of other energy-efficient upgrades. Upgrade your Utah home?s windows to high-efficiency models and save even more on your energy bills. We also provide professional home insulation installation, including attic insulation, sound-deadening insulation and duct sealing.

We also offer professional home energy audits, to help you determine which home upgrades will cut your energy use most effectively.

In Layton, Provo and throughout Northern Utah, you can count on GreenHome Specialties for exceptional quality and customer service. Contact us today to learn more about adding window film to your Utah home.

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