January 3, 2020

All About Energy-Efficient Window Film Installation

Energy-efficient window film installation is a worthwhile project for any homeowner.

Applying a low-emissivity film to your windows boosts their ability to both retain heat in the winter and keep your home cool on hot summer days. You won?t need to crank up the thermostat or continually run the air conditioner to remain comfortable ? which means after window film installation, you can look forward to lower utility costs.

Plus, compared to other home improvement projects that provide impressive energy savings, installing window film is much more affordable. That said, given how challenging the installation process can be, hiring a professional is in your best interests.

Choosing an Energy-Efficient Window Film

Several low-emissivity films are available, and an experienced professional can help you compare your options and decide which one to install.

Your choice will depend upon several factors. Window films come a different price points, and some provide both an improvement in household energy efficiency and enhanced security by making the glass harder to break. And though some low-emissivity films are tinted, others offer a crystal clear view of the great outdoors.

What to Expect from the Installation Process

Energy-efficient film is typically installed on the interior side of the windows, and the strong adhesive layer holds it firmly in place. And when professionally applied, a high-quality film can last for 15 years or longer.

To prepare for installation, you?ll only need to move any furniture or other belongings that prevents easy access to your windows. Your contractor will handle everything else, from cleaning the glass, applying the film and trimming the edges for a perfect fit. As for the time the project requires, most professional installations are completed in a single day.

Why DIY Installation Isn?t Recommended

You can watch online videos and read step-by-step instruction guides to the window film installation process, but taking the do-it-yourself approach isn?t as easy as it may seem.

Cutting the film for a precise fit can be rather challenging, and if you have any large windows or tall glass doors, you?re going to need some help. Plus, regardless of how handy you are, successfully applying the film ? without creasing it, creating air bubbles or leaving fingerprints behind ? may be an exercise in frustration.

Professional installation ensures you receive all of the benefits of energy-efficient windows, and the project can pay for itself in a few short years. If you live in northern Utah, southern Idaho or Wyoming and are ready to explore your options, contact GreenHome Specialties.

We offer free, no-obligation home energy audits, and our expert team can determine which low-emissivity film best meets your needs. Reach out to our Provo or Layton, Utah, office and schedule a professional audit and estimate for energy-efficient window film installation today

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