October 29, 2019

Should You Install Window Film or New Energy-Efficient Windows?

If you?re looking for ways to reduce your monthly utility bills, you may be thinking about investing in new energy-efficiency windows. But installing window film is an alternative solution, one that comes at a much lower price.

Which approach is the right one to take?

Either can provide you with lower monthly energy costs, yet neither is best for every homeowner. To figure out whether you should install window film or new energy-efficient windows, consider the following.

Do You Need New Windows?

If your windows have rotted frames, jammed sashes, failed seals or other obvious damage, replacing them may be the smartest option. While you could apply window film, doing so probably won?t improve your household energy efficiency by much. To cut your monthly utility bills, you may need to replace any windows that are in poor condition.

What?s Your Budget?

Installing new energy-efficient windows is going to come at a pretty steep price ? you can expect to spend several thousand dollars on the home improvement. And reaching the point of payback could take as long as 13 years.

Window film installation takes far less money, as the cost is typically a fraction of what it takes for a replacement project. As for the return on investment, films pay for themselves in just a few short years. Seeing how they also last for up to 15 years with zero peeling, choosing a window film can make good financial sense.

Schedule a Free Home Energy Audit for Expert Advice

If you aren?t sure whether you should go ahead and spring for new energy-efficient windows or if you?d be better off installing window film, consult with a local expert in home energy efficiency.

Many professionals, including the highly skilled team at GreenHome Specialties, offer free home energy audits. Schedule one, and an experienced auditor will evaluate your entire house with an eye toward cost-effective home improvements that can improve your household comfort and offer impressive energy savings.

In many cases, installing a low-emissivity film is the recommended approach. A range of options ? some tinted, some with crystal clear views ? are available, and auditors help homeowners find the right film to meet their needs.

If you live in northern Utah, southern Idaho or Wyoming and want expert advice, turn to GreenHome Specialties. Our team has the expertise to tell you which home improvement projects can effectively boost your household efficiency and reduce your monthly utility bills.

To schedule a free, no-obligation professional home energy audit with GreenHome Specialties and learn whether you should install window film or new energy-efficient windows, contact our Provo or Layton, Utah, office today.

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