April 16, 2020

Keep Cool This Summer: 3 Tips for Keeping Your House Cooler

Americans spend more than?22 billion on air conditioning?each year. Given how much it costs, it would be smart to figure out more energy-saving ways to reduce your energy bill.

If you think the only way to cool your house is with an air conditioning system, you'll discover there are actually quite a few ways to keep your home safe and affordable during the unbearable hot months.

Keeping your house cooler requires a bit more work than flipping on an AC switch. You'll have to be pro-active at keeping your house cool that will pay dividends if you can do it.

Here are 3 brilliant strategies to keep your?house cooler.

Focus on the Windows

You can keep your house cooler by simply?closing the blinds to windows. It lets less sunlight and thereby less heat inside the home. While it may dim the light in the home, at least it will keep your home cooler throughout the day.

You can also invest in thermal curtains that help keep the heat out of the house. You can also invest in blackout curtains as well as interior shutters.

Another window strategy is to open the windows in the morning to let cool air fill the home. When it starts to heat up, you should close the windows and the shades.

You can learn more about energy-efficient window film installation in this?blog post?to help reduce heat from coming into your home.

Let the Fans Run

Ceiling fans help keep the?air circulating in a room. They help keep the heat from settling in a room.

You can also reverse the direction that the fan is spinning to push the heat toward the ceiling rather than toward the ground and in your direction.

In addition to ceiling fans, you can also have an air circular fan. This is a fan that is placed in a room to keep it cool. You can also place it in the bedrooms at night to keep the room cool.

Be Smart About Doors

While this may seem like an obvious tip, closing doors is often how most heat comes into the home. Doors that are left open just a smidge can let a lot of heat into a home.

If you can lock doors that lead outside, it ensures that there's no heat escaping inside the home. It also ensures that no cold air is being released outside.

Keeping Your House Cooler Is All About Strategy

Nothing's worse than getting an expensive energy bill because of how much you used your air conditioner. With these three strategies, you can keep your house cooler and lower your energy bill.

You can also look at other ways to keep your house cooler that reduces your energy bill like unplugging electronics.

If you want to find out more about energy-saving ways to keep your home cooler,?contact us here.

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