April 15, 2016

Schedule Your Insulation Checkup to Save on Summer Cooling Costs

Save on Summer Cooling Costs | GreenHome SpeicaltiesHigh energy costs or electricity bills during the summer months are one of the major concerns of many home owners. Most people try to save and pinch every penny whenever possible. That being said, poor home insulation can make this impossible for many home owners. If you are looking to save more on summer cooling costs, then it might be a good idea to schedule an insulation checkup to avoid making your AC system from having to work overtime this year.

Check for Small Openings

Even though it may look like your doors and windows are insulated well enough, a closer inspection could reveal a different story. Even tiny cracks or openings can make cold or hot air flow in and out of your house very easily. This makes your AC system work much harder than necessary, leading to the consumption of high energy. Get a professional to come out and properly insulate your home to help prevent such issues.

Use Thicker Insulation

Many home owners find it strange that their energy bill costs are going up, particularly for having a newly constructed or remodeled home. This often is a result of thin, or low quality insulation. Your home?s insulation should be a minimum of about 12 inches thick, to better prevent the risk of the entry or exit of air. Thicker insulation can ensure more comfortable temperatures throughout the rooms in your home, keeping your AC bills lower.

Schedule a Checkup

Hire a professional to come out to your house and check the insulation throughout your home. It is a good idea to try and schedule the checkup during the springtime season, before the temperatures become extremely hot in the summer months.

Remove Outdated Insulation

If you feel that your home?s insulation has become outdated or worn out in various spots, then you should consider going for a complete and total replacement. You can also opt for repairing certain problem areas or spots throughout your home, as well. These days, you can set up a fresh insulation over the old, and get better protection from the elements. It is a good idea to consult a professional in this regard, to find out what steps you should take.

Look For a Free Quote

In many cases, home insulation agencies are ready to make a free inspection of a residential property, and offer free quotes to the home owners. You should seek out those in your area who do this. Try to contact a few in your local community, and request your free quote. Find out which of them will offer not only the cheapest rates, but also a quality service, as well. Do a complete and thorough background check for each of them before coming to a final decision.

If you would like more information about scheduling a an insulation checkup to save on summer cooling costs, or to schedule a consultation with us, please feel free to contact us today at: (801) 928-7039.

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