March 17, 2016

How Much Insulation Does My Home Need?

How Much Insulation Is Necessary? | GreenHome SpecialtiesHome insulation is very important for a house. It helps to keep things cool in the summertime, and warm in the wintertime. Insulation is the barrier between opposing temperatures that work to make a home more comfortable. The advancements behind insulation materials and techniques have changed a bit in recent years, and many houses aren?t as well insulated as they could be. But how much insulation does a home really need in order for it to be effective? To understand and know how much is necessary, here are a few variables to consider:

  • Age of the Home- Unless your home was built within the last few years and had proper insulation installed, chances are it?s under-insulated. A home that doesn?t have enough insulation in place is generally going to have higher utility bills, and is usually a struggle to keep temperatures regulated at a comfortable degree. The utility bills can get increasingly expensive year round as air is either escaping, or getting into the home through leaks.
  • Location of the Home- The amount of insulation needed for a home will depend on where it?s located, and what sort of climate it?s in. For more extreme climates, the amount of insulation needed in specific places, such as an attic, will vary. In more northern climates, a thicker insulation is necessary as opposed to a thinner one, which would be more acceptable for homes located in southern climates.
  • Types of Insulation- Some of the most common types of insulation for homes are: fiber glass, spray foam, reflective and cellulose. Depending on the location of the home, this will help to determine what type is needed, and how much is required to be the most effective.
  • Where the Insulation is Placed and Why- To be able to insulate a home properly, it is important to insulate the exterior walls. In some cases, it is also necessary to insulate the interior walls, attics, pipes, windows, and other locations. Insulation provides much more than just a barrier for temperatures. It is also used for creating sound barriers, as well. Depending on the amount of space available, there may be certain materials that will work better than others for what is needed. For example, spray insulation is great to use along walls which help to minimize the amount of square feet that the width of the wall may need.

The truth is, most homes are under insulated. So if you suspect that your home is among the many that are, then please feel free to contact us today for a consultation. In order to find out how much insulation is either needed, or lacking within your home, it?s best to have a professional come and assess all possible solutions. We are able to look for ways to help improve your home?s current insulation conditions, and check for any rebates that may be offered for your home, as well. With a properly insulated house, lots of money can be saved each month on just utility expenses alone. It is time to take advantage of improving your home, and make it more comfortable for your family year round.

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