October 31, 2017

Energy Efficient Home Planning for the Utah Winter

Energy efficient home improvements can help improve the comfort of your home and reduce your energy usage and utility bills.

As we approach the?often-brutal Utah winter, our need to cut heating costs rises as the temperatures drop. Now is the time to get moving on some last-minute energy efficiency improvements.

Energy-Efficient Home Windows

The National Resources Defense Council?reports?that approximately one-third of your home?s heat loss is?literally going out the window.

Consider adding energy-efficient?windows now to save the most money this winter. You will not only reduce your power bills but you will also improve your home?s resale value.

If replacing your windows is not in the budget this year,?you can still reduce heat loss by adding a?radiant barrier window film to the glass. The RaidaFilm product uses a technologically advanced nano-ceramic coating to maximize the light while blocking rays and infrared heat.

Don?t forget to replace any worn caulking and glazing on your windows too, to cut down on cold drafts.

Improve Energy Efficiency with?Duct Sealing

According to the?U.S. Department of Energy,?25 to 40 percent of the air that moves through your heating ducts is lost due to air leakage.?Ducts can leak at the seams, at connections and through holes that occur during installation or develop over time.

Sealing your ducts is a great way make your home more energy efficient and cut heating costs. Although this is a project that you may be able to tackle yourself, it can be extremely messy. Plus most of your ductwork is likely out of easy reach.

For not a lot more than you might spend on materials, you can have your ducts sealed by an energy efficiency improvements expert.

Other Energy Efficient Home Improvement Strategies

Before winter arrives in Northern Utah, you may want to consider making some other updates to your home, to improve its comfort and energy efficiency.

If you live in a home constructed before the mid-1970s, the chances are good that you don?t have insulation in your walls. This little-known fact accounts for a large portion of the high heating bills commonly associated with older houses.

The good news is that you don?t have to open up the walls to add that critical layer of protection against the elements.?Foam injection insulation is a simple and affordable process that can significantly improve your home?s efficiency. The foam is injected into the walls through a tiny hole, where it expands and hardens, creating a?barrier that resists heat and air transfer.

For non-enclosed spaces in your home, you can add polyurethane spray foam to create a soundproof layer of insulation that has two to three times the?R-value of traditional insulation products.

In?Layton,?Provo and throughout Northern Utah,?GreenHome Specialties helps our customers with a variety of energy-efficient home improvements.?If you want a more energy efficient home this winter, call us today to schedule a consulation.

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