February 7, 2018

Can Energy-Efficient Home Improvements?Be Affordable?

You know that energy-efficient home improvements can cut your?power consumption and costs substantially while improving your home?s comfort ? not to mention the environmental benefits.

But did you know that these home improvement projects can be surprisingly affordable? In fact, with the Utah Home Performance?(UHP)?program, you could even get the cost of your energy-efficient?residential upgrades subsidized.

Energy-Efficient Home?

What Is the Utah Home Performance Program?

The Utah Home Performance program works in conjunction with ENERGY STAR to?provide financial assistance so that qualified Utah homeowners can make energy-efficient upgrades?to their?property.

The program is designed to help encourage homeowners to update their home with energy-saving improvements. By providing rebates and subsidies for qualified home improvements, homeowners will save energy and money while enjoying a more comfortable indoor environment.

Some examples of the upgrades you might?want to?consider include radiant barrier insulation, energy-efficient windows, window film, attic insulation, air sealing and duct sealing.

How Much Are the Subsidies for Energy-Efficient Home Improvements?

The UHP program subsidizes 80 percent of a professional?home energy audit from GreenHome Specialties. This means you will receive this service, which normally costs $400 to $500, for a flat fee of $100.

When you select the most efficient and cost-effective upgrades, the program will contribute $2,000 toward the costs of your?residential improvements ? as long as you can reduce your?residential energy?consumption by 20 percent.

In addition, your energy-saving modifications and upgrades may also qualify for rebates or tax credits from the utility company, ENERGY STAR or governmental agencies?(local, state or federal). So, you could potentially reduce the cost of your upgrades even more.

How?Can I Determine If My Home Qualifies for Subsidies?

Determining if your home qualifies for the UHP program couldn?t be easier. Simply contact GreenHome Specialties?today. You?ll need to answer a few simple questions about your house?s construction, heating and air conditioning system, appliances and your current?power usage.

GreenHome Specialties?is a certified energy auditor and home improvement contractor serving customers?in Layton, Provo and throughout?Northern Utah. We are proud to bring the Utah Home Performance program to new and existing customers. Our experienced team will walk you through every aspect of the program, from determining if your house qualifies to helping you choose the most effective upgrades for your home and lifestyle. We will even complete the documentation for UHP on your behalf, so all you have to do is relax and enjoy your reduced power bills and improved?interior comfort.

Contact GreenHome Specialties today to learn more about the benefits of the UHP program. We look forward to helping you make?affordable,?energy-efficient home improvements?at your Utah?residence.

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