April 17, 2018

Best Radiant Barrier Insulation Locations for Your Utah Home

Adding radiant barrier insulation?is a simple and affordable way to improve the energy efficiency of your Utah home.

Our summers are hot and dry, and a radiant barrier helps reduce temperatures by preventing the transfer of heat from a surface (like your roof) to an interior space?(like your attic).

The barrier layer, typically a reflective sheet or liquid coating,?is installed away from the top surface, creating an air?space between the two layers. This air?space prevents conductive heat transfer, thereby reducing interior temperatures. This?stabilizes the indoor comfort of your home and reduces the need for air conditioning.

So, where?should you install radiant barrier insulation in your Utah home?


Utah summers can get quite warm and installing a radiant barrier in your attic will not only help to stabilize your home's interior temperature, but it will?also reduce your summer energy bill and keep your home more comfortable.

Reduced energy bills can make your home more attractive to potential buyers, should you decide to sell?in the future. This means that this energy-efficient home improvement project can?not only save you money now, but it can also increase the value of your home.

Water Heaters

Your water heater uses a?large chunk of your home?s energy, because it is constantly?cycling to ensure a ready supply of hot water. Every day, a portion of this energy is wasted through radiant heat transfer from the tank into the air around it.

Our RadiaWrap?insulating system?reflects that heat back into your hot water tank, reducing the amount of work needed to reheat your water?and?reducing your overall?power usage.


Windows are a huge energy goblin for Utah homeowners, because they?admit a?significant amount of heat into the interior of your home. Curtains and window blinds are only minimally effective because they still allow infrared heat to penetrate the glass?(and?impede your outside view).

Green Home specialties?can apply RadiaFilm transparent film to the inside of your windows, to keep out harmful UV rays and reduce infrared heat penetration.

Garage Doors

Everybody knows that the garage is the hottest?part of your home during the summertime.?Utah garage walls are often poorly insulated and the thin metal doors turn your garage into a sweltering oven.

Our?RadiaDoor radiant?barrier?garage door kit insulates your garage door and reflects up to 95% of radiant heat, keeping the interior cooler during the summer months. RadiaDoor?also provides insulation during the winter months, helping to reduce your year-round energy costs. Our garage door kit can be installed by our specialists or, if you're?the DIY type, you can install it yourself quickly and easily.

Do You Need Radiant Barrier Insulation in Your Utah Home?

For most Utah homeowners, installing radiant barrier?insulation?will make?the summer more comfortable, reduce your energy bills and add value?to your home. However, because every house is unique, having a home energy audit is the best way to determine whether this type of energy-efficient upgrade is right for you.

GreenHome Specialties works with clients throughout Utah, Wyoming and Southern Idaho,?helping?them?lower their power?use and energy costs. Contact?us today to learn more about?adding radiant barrier insulation to your Utah home.

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