July 25, 2018

Adding Radiant Barrier Insulation When Building A Home

If you plan to build a home,?include radiant barrier insulation on your?list of?must-have specifications.

Radiant barriers work differently than most types of insulation, reflecting heat back to the outside rather than allowing it to penetrate the interior of your home. You can add this type of insulation to an existing house, although you are limited to only those areas you can easily access, such as the attic.

When you?re building a new home, however, you can ? and should ? add this highly effective insulating material almost anywhere.

Wrap Your New Home in Radiant Barrier Insulation

During the construction process, you?have the opportunity to install radiant barriers anywhere and everywhere possible. Many clients take full advantage of this opportunity, electing to wrap their entire house?in this high-tech material.

The insulating benefits you gain from taking this approach will be significant, especially over the life of your new home. You will enjoy lower power bills and increased indoor comfort.

Finally, although you will need a mechanical engineer to provide the details, wrapping your home?s exterior in a radiant barrier material may allow you to reduce the size of your air conditioning system.

Add a Radiant Barrier on the Roof of Your New Home

You?ll also want to install this affordable material?on the roof of your new home.

When installed just below?the roofing materials, a radiant barrier will reflect the sun?s heat back to?outward, preventing it from ever getting into the attic and heating up your home.

Adding this material as a roof underlayment will also help extend the life of your attic insulation. And, speaking of?the?attic, you can add another layer inside the attic, to provide even more protection.

Use Radiant Wrap & Film to Improve Energy Efficiency Even More

In addition to wrapping your home?s exterior and roof deck, you can install radiant barrier products in other key location during new home construction.

Wrapping your water heater tank, for example, reduces the amount of heat that escapes the tank and into your home?s atmosphere. You can apply this material to the inside of your garage door, too, to address one of the most?poorly insulated portions of the home.

Finally, if your budget won?t accommodate highly efficient windows for your new home, you can always add radiant film to your windows. This revolutionary material lets the sun?s light ? but not its heat ? shine through.

As effective as this?type of insulation?can be, Energy.gov says that?radiant barriers won?t provide the desired benefit if they aren?t installed properly. That?s why it?s important to choose a qualified installer ? like GreenHome Specialties.

For homeowners and businesses in Wyoming, Utah and southern Idaho, our Certified Energy Analysts provide home energy audits and the installation energy efficient materials and services ? including attic insulation, high-efficiency windows and air sealing???to help reduce energy use and cost.

Contact us today to learn more about what a difference radiant barrier insulation can make for your new home.

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