May 16, 2018

5 Energy-Saving Tricks to Reduce Your Power Bills this Summer

In northern Utah, our simple energy-saving strategies can help you reduce your power bills this summer and improve the comfort of your home.

The U.S. Department of Energy recommends a variety of simple and cost-effective strategies to?cut your energy use during the warmer months and, as a result, reduce your summer power bills.

Implement some or all of these strategies and prepare to be amazed at how much money you can save this year.

No. 1: Use Natural Ventilation to Reduce Power Bills

For much of the summer in northern Utah, we enjoy cool evenings and delightful breezes. On those nice nights, take advantage of the cooldown by opening your home?s windows. In the morning, before the heat of the day sets in, close your windows and blinds to trap the cooler air indoors.

You can keep even more heat out by installing energy efficient windows or applying radiant barrier film to your existing windows.

No. 2: Save Energy by Installing a Smart Thermostat

As much as 50 percent of your?power use goes to?running your HVAC system.?A smart thermostat?can manage your summer AC use in a way that maximizes your comfort while minimizing your electricity costs.

Although each smart thermostat manufacturer promotes their own data, research conducted by Nest indicated that their customers?cut their?power use by an average of 15 percent during air conditioning season.

No. 3: Home Air Sealing Maximizes Energy Savings

Home air sealing is one of the most effective and affordable ways to keep the hot air out during the summer, reducing your need for air conditioning. This energy-efficient home improvement project also improves your home?s indoor air quality.

Of course, you will also benefit from home air sealing during the winter months, as it will also keep the cold air out and cut your heating costs.

No. 4: Make Energy-Saving Water Heater Modifications

During the summer, most northern Utah homeowners can reduce the temperature setting on their water heater without sacrificing comfort. Try setting the tank to?120 degrees and, if you run out of hot water too quickly, increase the setting a degree or two until you find a comfortable level.

Adding a radiant barrier water heater wrap is another cost-effective way to reduce your power bills. A tank wrap reduces the water heater?s need to cycle and prevents radiant heat from being released into your home.

No. 5: Reduce Power Bills with a Home Energy Audit

Because every northern Utah home is different, a home energy audit is a highly effective strategy for saving?power and cutting your?costs. When performed by a?Certified Energy Analyst, you can have confidence in the recommendations for improving your home?s energy efficiency.

GreenHome Specialties, with locations in Provo and Layton Ut, is your locally owned expert in energy-efficient home improvements. We serve customers throughout Utah, southern Idaho and Wyoming, performing free basic home energy audits and recommending products and services to help you conserve energy.?Contact GreenHome Specialties today to?schedule your home energy audit or to learn more energy-saving tricks to help you reduce your power bills.

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