G. Paul McIlrath

To Whom it may concern,

I first heard about Greenhome Specialties on a local radio program during my morning commute in late 2012. When I got my tax return in 2013, I decided I wanted to invest part of it in my home. After weighing a few options my wife and I decided that making our home more energy efficient was the best investment since it would continue to pay us back over time. Installation was quick and efficient. The work crew showed up on time, were very polite and respectful of our home and even vacuumed up the small amount of insulation that trickled out of the attic access onto the floor.

As the summer months came on and the weather got hotter I began to notice that my central air conditioning seemed to be turning on less often. By that I mean the time between activation of the cooler was noticeably longer than it had been in summers past. I noticed that my electric bills were lower than the previous summer by comparing them against the previous years. But the big wow factor was over the winter. As with the A/C, I noticed my furnace came on less often, but I also noticed that I didn?t feel cold and go and manually turn up the thermostat as I had in previous winters. The house seemed to stay more evenly heated. Then came my gas bill for February. It had a graph on it showing usage for the past 14 or 16 months and that was when I noticed that compared to the previous year, my daily usage had dropped by almost 1/3! Talk about over-delivering! I was thrilled to see that I was showing that much of an improvement in my gas bill.

My experience was very positive and I?m very happy with the results.




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